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Advances in Co-Registration, Coronary Physiology & Intra Coronary Imaging

06/11/2023 - 07/11/2023

DATE: 6th – 7th November 2023
VENUE: Mélia Castilla Hotel, Calle del Poeta Joan Maragall 43 28020 Madrid Spain

Welcome to the Advance in Co-Registration, Coronary Physiology & Intra Coronary Imaging course.

We have been running physiology and imaging courses for 10 years, and in that time have seen the field change as the influence of technology makes a greater and greater impact. In 2011, iFR was first described as a new tool to simplify physiological lesion assessment.

Since then, much development and validation has taken place to enable iFR to become an important tool in the catheter laboratory. However, from the earliest times the benefits of iFR for doing systematic lesion assessment (or pullbacks) was apparent, as it didn’t have the same limitations for serial lesion assessment as FFR.

Recently using the latest co-registration techniques, it has been possible to fuse together the serial lesion physiological assessment of iFR, with the coronary angiogram and IVUS data. This fusion of anatomy and physiology has enabled, targeted treating of coronary stenoses to take place, and differentiation of focal and diffuse disease.

In doing so, this has opened a new chapter in the field of coronary revascularisation. Now, physiological and anatomical information can be used together in coronary revascularisation decision-making leading to many more research questions and further shifts in treatment paradigms.

Over the next two days we will cover all the key development steps and data to support the use of these latest clinical techniques. You will see that we are privileged to have a distinguished faculty; all of whom are engaged in cutting-edge research in the field of intravascular imaging and coronary physiology.

The program is designed to be very open, uniquely with as much time given for discussion after talks as the time given for the talks themselves. All speakers are prepared to field your questions if you prefer to wait until the end of the talk, please do so, otherwise, just jump right in and ask the speaker for clarification. Chances are if you have a question about something so will several other people in the audience.

In addition to the talks, we will be providing live case demonstrations from the Hospital Clínico San Carlos Madrid, to showcase the application of physiology and imaging and co-registration in contemporary clinical practice. Unlike most live cases, you will have the opportunity to interact with both the facilitators and the catheter laboratory team via the live link throughout the case. Again, if you have questions for any member of the live case team, please go ahead and ask.

Finally, on behalf of the entire faculty team, we would like to thank you for taking the time to attend the course. We hope you find the course informative and stimulating, leaving you prepared to implement the latest contemporary physiological techniques in your catheter laboratory.

Justin Davies / Javier Escaned / Andrew Sharp
Course Directors

Faculty: Dr Ziad Ali, Dr Giuseppe Colletti, Prof Roberto Garbo, Dr Nieves Gonzalo, Dr Breda Hennessey, Dr Adrián Jerónimo, Prof Amir Lerman, Dr Marco Lombardi, Dr Angela McInerney, Dr Dejan Milasinovic, Dr Peter O’Kane, Prof Flavio Ribichini, Dr Tim Schäufele, Dr Asad Shabbir, Dr Richard Shlofmitz, Dr Hernán Mejía-Rentería, Dr Lin Wang.

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Mélia Castilla Hotel
Calle del Poeta Joan Maragall 43
Madrid, Madrid 28020 España